Claire, the supposed Ameraucana

I had distinct plans to sit down first thing this morning with a delicious cup of french roast coffee and write a blog post. I wanted to maximize my alone time before the wee one woke up but, I got feeding the dogs, and the cats, and the bearded dragons… then I went outside to let the chickens out and of course got stuck out there for a bit. I migrated to the front of the house to simply pick some dandelion greens for the beardies and found weeds to be plucked in the flower gardens. This turned into full fledged pruning and admiring of the flowers. Humph. I did very much enjoy the quiet and stillness of the morning. The fog still had not lifted and sun not yet shining; the only company I had were the birds and the bees and of course the neighborhood cat everyone calls “grey kitty.” She quietly followed along as I made my way through the garden. I clipped some sage and lavender and breathed in deeply their earthly scent. Still not ready to head inside I took some to the chicken coop and freshened the nesting boxes with these herbs, one of my favorite things to do. Alas, my morning of planned writing had gone.

But lucky for me, the little one is still sleeping! Most recently she’s taken to sleeping in and I don’t think I’ll bother her just yet. It would be wonderful to be able to finish this post with full concentration. I think I’ll head for my second cup of coffee.

I’ve had these photos prepared for the blog for some time and just haven’t been able to hop on here. A couple weeks back, I was tending to the chickens and this beautiful girl came right up to me and begged to be picked up. She seemed quite content and I had to walk down to my mom’s to get my daughter from a day of swimming so she came with me. I have my camera with me practically everywhere I go and the sun was calling to me. It was a perfect opportunity to grab some photos of Claire and my daughter especially since she asked for a “photoshoot,” which doesn’t happen often.

The title of my post reads “Claire, the supposed Ameraucana.” I bought her and 5 other chicks labeled as Ameraucanas however I’ve read that some stores, hatcheries, or even individuals will sell birds they call Ameraucanas that really aren’t true full bloods. Sometimes they change the spelling to americana or americauna. So when I saw this store had Ameraucanas (spelled correctly) I thought that’s what I was getting. But with these birds maturing it’s clear that they most likely are not true to the breed… This really doesn’t bother me too much. I love them all the same as my other chickens and they have wonderful personalities. I call them my easter eggers, I think that’s what they are. So like I said I got 6 of them. While I’m on this subject, I ALSO thought I was getting 6 pullets but once again, FAIL. Two of them wound up to be roosters.

These 6 birds were the last of my spring chicks to not have names. I don’t like to name my birds until I know their sex and I also like to see their personalities develop too. Nothing was coming to me for these guys until I became obsessed with the TV show Outlander. It came to me one day that I must name these 6 chicks after characters from the show!

So, this little girl is “Claire,” the sassenach. Maybe someday I’ll introduce my other little easter eggers, Murtagh, Mr. MacTavis, Mrs. Fitz, Jenny, & Geillis. Claire is funny. She seeks our protection if she feels she’s getting too much attention from the other birds. She’s quite funny about it and will get right up in my face but it has to be on her terms. She’s her own bird so to speak, so I’d say we choose the right name for her.

She was quite happy on this evening though, I think she enjoyed being out and about and fussed over by my daughter. And what did I say about that sun? Just gorgeous. Here’s some of my favorite images I created from this mini photoshoot with Clair and my girl.

My absolute favorite from this shoot.
Oh my gosh her cheeks in this one!

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