Thumbelina and her Girl

Our daughter and her favorite teenage chick, Thumbelina.

From the beginning, our daughter’s favorite baby chick was the tiniest one out of the bunch (hence why she called her Thumbelina). She is a Crested Cream Legbar, and she (plus 9 others) were shipped in the mail from Mt Healthy Hatcheries arriving on March 12. She is one of the first ones in your face when you go out to visit, constantly climbing all over your feet, and just standing in front of you looking up with her head cocked. She practically begs to be picked up. Her favorite thing in the world is to perch on your hand, arm or shoulder and will sit there for as long as you’ll let her. The sweetest little pullet, we are so excited to have her (as well as her other chick-mates) here on the farm and can’t wait to watch her finish growing and start laying those beautiful blue eggs. The other day we had some beautiful weather -practically the first nice day of spring- so we took Thumbelina out for a mini photo shoot. She is a perfect subject. So patient, not trying to escape, and seemed like she was enjoying herself! Rhilyn specifically asked for photos with her so it was a win win. I hope you enjoy these photographs of Thumbelina and her girl. (Click on the smaller thumbnails to enlarge them and scroll through).

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