A FMC Sunrise

Overlooking the horse pasture at sunrise.

Sometimes it’s funny how the mind works. I normally sleep (on the weekends) until 7:30am and then I’m up. Last night I thought to myself, “it would be nice if I got up early to catch the sunrise tomorrow.” I didn’t set an alarm because frankly I’m not a morning person and I like to sleep as long as I can. Well 6am rolled around and I was up. Instead of rolling back over and trying to go back to sleep I got out of bed and headed for my camera. I think I’m glad I did 🙂

My daughter is a late-to-bed, late-to-rise kinda gal. I knew she wouldn’t be awake anytime soon so I let the dogs out and went for a walk. Their breakfast could wait, right?

The old railroad ticket office my parents are currently restoring.

The first thing I saw when I stepped out my door is the gorgeous silver maple draping across the sky reflecting shimmering yellow light. It framed in the old railroad ticket office perfectly as the sun peeked over the roof. My Mom owns this little parcel of land adjacent to our property and on it sits this little building which in the beginning it was a ticket office for the passenger railway that used to run in the late 1800s to mid 1900s. After the RR closed it was eventually converted into a residential property. It had many owners over the years, and my Mom was finally able to purchase it from an individual who was using it as a rental property. It was in serious disrepair and remained that way until she paid it completely off. Just this spring my father started to refinish it, and it’s really coming back to life.

My Mom has a Betsy Ross flag hanging on the corner of it because our little town is getting ready to celebrate our bicentennial next month! The founder of our town is Capt. Silas Wheeler who was a Revolutionary war hero.

This amazing pathway is the old railroad bed. The ties and rails are long gone but the canopied path still remains and we keep it mowed and trimmed so we can enjoy it. It runs along the entire property line, part of it being my parents’ driveway. If you walk down this path, it opens up into 2 different fields (belonging to us, there’s more fields off our property).

The heavy fog is illuminated as the sun burst through this willow tree.

I made my way to the first field heading towards the creek. We always have dense fog practically year round in the mornings. When the sun hits it it really give a fantastic display especially when the light is comging through trees. This first field is also full of milkweed plants and we have been checking it very often for monarch caterpillars! Tis the season! We’ve been seeing lots of butterflies and I made my husband promise he wouldn’t brush hog all the milkweed down. Every year we find a handful of cats and watch them transform into their beautiful butterfly selves.

The first field is full of milkweed plants.
Woodpeckers doing their thing.

My husband has been spending a lot of time getting things cleared out so we can more easily access this part of the river. It is one of my favorite places on our land. This photo above is a really neat area because there’s trees that grow sideways and it’s like you’re walking through a tree-archway or portal into the next realm.

After the archway these magnificent trees stand tall and proud. There are so many black willow trees along the railroad right-of-way and creek bed. My childhood home had two huge weeping willows which I was very fond of and although they’re not exactly the same, it still brings back happy memories of climbing around on them and swinging on the branches.

Past the tall trees it opens up into the sandy and rocky creek bank. There’s some tall grasses as you can see here but it’s kept trimmed so we can get down in. The bank is rather flat and the creek is shallow in this part. One of the willows had fallen a number of years back but continues to grow. This is a favorite tree of my daughters and mine to climb around on.

Looking through the willow branches and out into the creek.
The tree spans across almost the entire creek bed.
As I was walking I spotted this gorgeous web.

Another one of my favorite trees, this is one of the tallest ones along the creek and it has a very large hole at the base which my daughter always says is a “faerie home.” The ferns along the ground are so pretty.

Back up on the road, standing on the bridge also proved to be a pretty sight. The yellow sun was warm on my faced and it danced off the steady movement of the water; the staghorn sumac trees illuminated in the foreground.

Looking past the creek is a farmer’s cornfield and pretty hills.

Back in our own yard I had to grab a couple shots of my chickens. Behind the garden is is where I took this photo looking across to the one of the runs. That coop we just built this spring and still needs siding but I love our little chicken set up. There used to be an ugly dilapidated fence around the back yard but we tore it down and replaced it with welded wire fencing. Our property borders my parents so Mom was happy for us to get rid of it and so were we – win win! I also love it because I can see the gorgeous views from our yard. I’d like to think my chickens appreciate it too.

The “teenage” flock. Not quite adults but no longer chicks.
Up front and center is one of my cockerels, “Percy.”
To the left of him is “Daisy” and the cockerel to the right is “Agnes.”
Matilda keeping a very watchful eye on her little ones.
She hatched 4 chicks 1.5 weeks ago.

I ended the morning in the small enclosure I have for Matilda, a momma hen and her 4 little ones. They are so precious and so cute. I could sit there for hours and just watch them, but she doesn’t let me. She is a fierce, fierce momma. After she came at me the second time I figured I’d let her have her space and I headed back inside for breakfast. An absolutely beautiful morning, and I decided I am glad my subconscious mind woke me up when it did. ❤

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