Hand-knit Goods


One thing about me is I LOVE to knit. While my sister was pregnant with her first child I was determined to knit a baby blanket for her. I already knew how to crochet but I wanted to learn to knit. I tried and tried each time the yarn and needles ending up in a pile in the corner. Finally one day my Great Aunt was visiting and she showed me a couple of stitches and how to tink back. Pretty much since then it’s been smooth sailing and I’ve been able to self-teach the rest of what I know.

My favorite items to make are stranded mittens. There’s just something about the color combinations I can make, the warmth of them on my hands, and the intricacy that goes into making them. I do have a small knitting shop (online) where I sell a few ready-made items and also I list made-to-order items when times allows. I would love it if you would check out my shop! (Link is above or click HERE).

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