Salamander Finding & Crayfish Catchin’

Yesterday didn't go exactly planned, we were unable to go somewhere that she really wanted to go. She was sad for a minute, but then bucked up and said that it was OK because she's been wanting to go down to the creek to look for salamanders! She put on her camo hat (so she... Continue Reading →

Sleepless nights lead me to times passed.

"Hidden Image" (a TB cross mare) and myself, photo taken 2004. For whatever reason, I can't sleep tonight. My mind is wandering back to the days when I ate, slept, & breathed horses. Days that I truly miss. Sometimes when I feel this way I find that taking to writing helps to calm my thoughts;... Continue Reading →

Claire, the supposed Ameraucana

I had distinct plans to sit down first thing this morning with a delicious cup of french roast coffee and write a blog post. I wanted to maximize my alone time before the wee one woke up but, I got feeding the dogs, and the cats, and the bearded dragons... then I went outside to... Continue Reading →

Fivemile Creek

Fivemile Creek at the Gardner Rd. bridge in Wheeler, NY. For a long time, my mother wanted to name the farm. This was before we even moved next door. We would throw names around but nothing seemed to stick. The farm sits atop the old Kanona-Prattsburgh railroad bed so we tried to incorporate that, but... Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself…

"Just remember: the people that say, 'your dreams are impossible' have already quit on theirs." ~Grant Cardone Hello! I am so happy you've found my little space here on the interweb. Although I enjoy writting, it comes at snail pace speed but I don't mind. Mostly though I speak through my photographs. I want to... Continue Reading →

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