A FMC Sunrise

Overlooking the horse pasture at sunrise. Sometimes it's funny how the mind works. I normally sleep (on the weekends) until 7:30am and then I'm up. Last night I thought to myself, "it would be nice if I got up early to catch the sunrise tomorrow." I didn't set an alarm because frankly I'm not a... Continue Reading →

Thumbelina and her Girl

Our daughter and her favorite teenage chick, Thumbelina. From the beginning, our daughter's favorite baby chick was the tiniest one out of the bunch (hence why she called her Thumbelina). She is a Crested Cream Legbar, and she (plus 9 others) were shipped in the mail from Mt Healthy Hatcheries arriving on March 12. She... Continue Reading →

Narnia, at Fivemile Creek

Yesterday morning I woke up to a blanket of fresh, heavy snow over the ground and clinging to the tree branches. I knew it was coming but I was still surprised by the sight. After all, it is the middle of April - well past the first day of spring. I threw on my boots... Continue Reading →

I Wanted a Walk But Got So Much More

The sun had just rose over the hilltop and was kissing the tips of the tree branches alongside Fivemile Creek. The river’s breath was steadily rising from the trickle of water that had yet to freeze over. Every twig, weed, bush, tree, and winter berry was hugged by ice crystals, sunlight bouncing off of them.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Dominique Chickens!

The Dominique hen. Let's talk about the Dominique! Have you heard of them before? Do you have any in your flock? Dominiques were one of two breeds we bought as chicks when we started out in our chicken keeping journey. The Dominique rooster. History Dominiques are a heritage breed, meaning an heirloom breed in danger... Continue Reading →

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